School Tools for Online Resource Management

“School Tools for Online Resource Management” is a project to help organisations move away from pedestrian systems of managing ICT facilities and resources. The project was initially written for a school, but I’m sure other environments could make use of the tools. Basically, the project is a web-interface to a number of different modules, such as support requests. There is a Mission Statement.

If you want to track the development process, you can browse the Darcs repository or subscribe to its RSS feed to keep informed of patches.

Although the pages I’ve written work in they way I want them to, I’m sure that many people who read through the code could suggest improvements. Even better, people may be able to code the bits I haven’t done, or provide code for additional features. There are many talented PHP programmers out there, and some must work in educational environments, and some of those must be interested in a project like this! Or perhaps you’re a GIMP expert and would be interested in designing some simple but effective logos for the different modules. Or maybe you’ve read through the code and would like to help with the project documentation. If you are interested in contributing your time and code to this project then please contact me using the link above.

Get it from the Downloads page!

IRC Channel

This project has an IRC channel on the Blitzed network. Join #storm on Please bear in mind that there won’t always be someone around to help. Hang around in the channel and you should get an answer eventually.

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