The latest version of the “School Tools for Online Resource Management” project can be downloaded below.

System Requirements:

  1. Apache (or alternative PHP capable) webserver
  2. PHP 4.3 or newer
  3. PEAR::DB
  4. PEAR::Mail
  5. Database supported by PEAR::DB (recommend MySQL 3.23 or newer)

Please see the INSTALL file includes in the tarball for further details.


This software is distributed under the GNU Public License*. A full copy of the license is included in the file “COPYING” in the download archive, but I would remind everyone that this software is distributed “WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.”

* Not all files included in the archive are distributed under the GPL. The files that are not distributed under the GPL are:

  • Some of the functions included in the files. These are distributed under terms included in the files.
  • Any logos included in the 0.0.x series of the project. These are copyright of the respective companies, and are distributed under license.

Bugs, fixes and feedback

Please contribute to the development of this software. If you have fixed a problem, or added a feature, please don’t keep it to yourself, but email me with your cleverness using the link at the top of the page.

Get it here!

Development version: STORM-0.2.0pre4.tar.gz 93kb
Stable version: STORM-0.2.0b.tar.gz 91kb
For older versions, please browse the repository.

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