Mission Statement

The overall principles of the project are:

End user objectives:

  • To reduce the number of pedestrian methods of managing ICT support and resources in schools.
  • To resolve users’ problems more quickly.
  • To enable users to reserve resources more easily.
  • To increase reliability of consumables supply.
  • To enable users to request support from any computer.

ICT Support Staff Objectives:

  • To automate the reservation of resources.
  • To manage consumable resources more efficiently.
  • To reduce the amount of time spent checking pedestrian records and fault logs.

Technical Objectives:

  • To allow cross-platform operation through a web interface.
  • To use open source software that is available for a variety of platforms, so that the project can be used by those who don’t use an open source operating system.
  • To allow system managers to “pick and choose” which elements of the project they use.

Usability Objectives:

  • To use a clear, simple, and consistent web interface across the different elements of the project.
  • To provide clear documentation for the project, in the form of on-line help for users, well-commented PHP pages, and documents detailing the database structures and the process for developing each strand.
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