SATYR stands for Submit And Track Your Request, and is the most complete section of the project. Users can submit requests for ICT support, and track them as they are evaluated and resolved by the ICT support staff.
CartMan is short for Cartridge Manager, and is nominally named after the character from South Park. It allows ICT support staff to manage levels of print toner and cartridge stock. Staff can easily “check out” a cartridge, and alerts are issued when stock reaches a critical level.
Room Booking
Users can view the availability of the ICT rooms against the teaching timetable, and reserve an available session for a class.
Users can view the availability of technical resources, like digital cameras and TVs, and reserve an item for a session.
User Login Log Log of login times of users. Network Device Status
Report the status of network devices in an easy-to-use page.
Print Banning
This section provides a searchable list of users who have been banned from printing, the reason why they were banned, and other pertinent information.
Order Management
Not the budget controller? Use this section to see what orders have been made, and what goods have been received as a result. ICT support staff can then chase up missing or incorrect orders without chasing the order through the financial system.
Server Logging
No, not the syslog type logging, but the “I added some RAM to that server, hoovered out that one, and upgraded to version 3 of the software on that one” type logging.
External Support Request Logging
Similar to SATYR, this section enables the ICT support staff to submit and track their requests for external technical support.
Audit Trail
This section documents any actions that may need to be recalled at a later date, such as changed security permissions.
User Login
Last but by no means least, the pages that allow a user to log in, create a new user, change password etc.
Checks whether network devices are responding to ICMP echo requests.
Secret Data Distribution
Module for distributing codes or passwords (e.g. padlock combinations) in a managed manner.

Posssible additional sections

These sections are only “possible” because there is already a lot of OSS that has the same functionality. Maybe elements of an existing OS project can be integrated into this one?

  • Contact Management
  • License Management
  • Print Queue Control
  • Asset Database
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