The Login section of the project aims to provide the following features:

User Functionality

  • Register with the system, and be automatically logged in after registration.
  • Change the e-mail address associated with the system.
  • Change the password used on the system.
  • Navigate between modules.

Administration Functionality

  • Delete any user other than “admin”.
  • Reset the password of any user other than “admin”.
  • Edit the error message seen by users when the database is not found to allow for messages concerning scheduled maintenance.
  • Change the list of members of the ICT staff that is used in modules.
  • Force any user to change their password at next logon.
  • Adjust access levels to modules on a per-user basis.
  • Edit any user’s e-mail address and full name.

General Features

  • Format validation for all entered e-mail addresses.
  • Passwords encrypted with MD5 algorithm.
  • Date of last password change stored.
  • Date of creation of username stored.
  • Control access level on a per module and per user basis.
  • Secure logout.
  • Session validation on every page.
  • Access rights checked on every page load.
  • Easy removal of unused modules by changing default access rights.

Login Documentation

The structure and organisation of the Login section of the project is detailed in the OpenOffice.org document in the .tar.gz file.

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